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Specialists in air conditioning large spaces without installation.

  • Industrial heaters
  • Air conditioning without installation

GARSAN heating systems

GARSAN is the 28-year-old Spanish subsidiary of Hans Wilms GmbH & Co. KG of Germany, (www.wilms.de) Europe-wide distributor of Japanese manufacture infrared heaters, mod. VAL-6 and Mini VAL of 35,000 and 28,000 kcal/h respectively.

Garsan is dedicated to the sale, repair and maintenance of all types of heaters. The company has its own workshops and highly qualified personnel to provide technical assistance and maintenance for any type of industrial heater. It also stocks any spare parts that you may order.

Garsan specialises in heating large spaces such as industrial buildings, warehouses, workshops, sports centres, construction, public works, marquees, terraces, etc., using Japanese-made infrared radiation heaters, which do not require installation or a chimney since they are portable on wheels, autonomous with their own oil tank and do not release fumes or odour. This makes a big difference compared with conventional heaters, which require the installation of a chimney, lose 30% of the energy they consume through smoke, occupy a fixed space and also pollute.

Garsan products are divided into three major areas: HEATING, VENTILATION/NEBULISATION and PRESSURISED WATER CLEANING MACHINES.

In heating there are three types of energy: GASOIL, ELECTRIC and CITY GAS or PROPANE.