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Infrared heaters vs. air drive

The new infrared oil heating system works through its circular screen, and a special burner that does not produce fumes or odours.

With conventional hot air heaters, 33% of the energy they consume is transformed into smoke, which means that only 63% of the fuel they consume is emitted as heat. On the other hand, in addition to the fuel cost that is lost through fumes, it pollutes the environment, has to be fixed in a place with a chimney, causes disturbances from loud noise and the hot air tends to rise towards the ceiling and is released when doors are opened. In addition to requiring several hours to warm the environment, standing in front of them is very uncomfortable, and they are not suitable for outdoor use.

With infrared heaters, on the contrary, all the energy they consume is transformed into heat radiation. They do not produce smoke or bad odours so they can be placed where they are desired and where they are not an inconvenience. As soon as they are connected they radiate heat instantaneously with the great advantage that the infrared heat is first received by the human body and later the environment.

Infrared heaters are ideal for buildings, warehouses, workshops, large areas, farms, greenhouses, public works, drying freshly painted vehicles and in any space where there are open doors.